Please don’t ever call me black again 😡😬 I’m African and am Proud 🙂😋

I have a dream that one day I would say I am from Africa and the world would go, wow greatness!

The use of colors to categorize humans is colorism; an ideology which affirms in the spectrum of colors white is right and everything else is not with black at the bottom.

Think about it, black doesn’t have culture or language, black is not human in fact less than human which was the reason Europeans said it was OK to enslave Africans. They turned us to black people to justify slavery. I am African, I am human, I have culture, I have languages.

And, 400+ years later we still call ourselves black, we even made a hit song saying, “I am black and am proud?!” 😮

No other group of humans sings a song declaring they are color and proud. Please let’s stop calling ourselves black and agreeing with their ideology that says we are bottom and unworthy of dignity deserving of a human.

Think about it, there are some words you can’t turn positive even with a hit song and dance. The word dumb for example, even if you say it loud, am dumb and am proud, would never make you smart. Call it “dumb” excellence and it still will not be smart.

To correct this ideology we must change the narrative that we are not black but African. We are people of African descent and excellence exists in us all over the world, sometimes in unexpected places.

My people, instead of spending all that time and effort making a color great why not make a place we have in common as our origin, great?

We can be both but focus on the uplifting of the place, not the color, so instead of spending all this time and effort developing “black culture” develop Africa and it’s cultures so when you say I am from Africa, people would say Wow, greatness! 😁

This is a call to humanity and people of African descent dark or light skin, across the Diaspora and inside Africa to join hands together for the glory of Africa.

I promise you when Africa (not black) rises then we will get the dignity and respect we are seeking as people.

Therefore the task ahead of us is to make Africa great so Africa is synonymous with greatness. And, then you and I would be proud to be African American, African European, Afro Brazillian, Afro Latina, Afro Turks, African Descent, etc and we will stand tall as a people with origins from the cradle of humanity; AFRICA.

I rest my case. Again, please don’t ever call me black again, I am African and Proud.


Written by Kamil Olufowobi, CEO, Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD)