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Dorcas Ndegwa

Meet Ingrid Silva

Ingrid is a Brazilian ballet dancer who currently performs with the Dance Theatre of Harlem in New York City. Silva was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, to a father who served in the air force and mother who was a maid. At age 8, she started ballet through a community out-reach program, then …

Dorcas Ndegwa

Presenting…Dynast Amir

Dynast Amir, full name Dynast Abefe Adewale Amir, is a dynamic, globetrotting, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has a passion for life and seeing the success of others. Dynast was born in Albert Horton Hollis II in Sacramento, CA but considers himself a displaced African who just happened to be born in America. He attended Christian …

Dorcas Ndegwa

Here she is…Amy Sarr Fall

Amy Sarr Fall is a Senegalese public figure. She has been recognized for her many cultural and social contributions, including her work as the founder and director of Intelligences Presse, a magazine she created in 2010. This started with the launch of the non-partisan political magazine Intelligences and her commitment to the GE7 initiative to …