Here she is…Amy Sarr Fall

Amy Sarr Fall is a Senegalese public figure. She has been recognized for her many cultural and social contributions, including her work as the founder and director of Intelligences Presse, a magazine she created in 2010. This started with the launch of the non-partisan political magazine Intelligences and her commitment to the GE7 initiative to raise the level of education for children worldwide.

Amy Fall is also active in developing female leadership both in her home country of Senegal and internationally, though she believes that “one should be an actor of her/his own development.” She is also at the helm of citizen initiatives in Senegal, fighting for the scientific education of girls. 

Fall, after a successful career in communication, moved into journalism, where she was the first woman in Senegal to invest in a media platform and founded her weekly French-language magazine, Intelligences, which has now blossomed into Intelligences Presse, responsible for not only for the first title, but a second magazine dedicated to the empowerment of women, Ambitions.

During her time as an undergraduate at the American University of Paris, she studied International Business Administration (IBA) and started a youth empowerment student recruitment campaign in Senegal. After graduation, Fall found success in communications in New York before returning to AUP, where she pursued a Master’s in Global Communications. After finishing her Master’s, she worked for French advertising and PR giant Publicis. In 2009, Fall decided to return to Senegal to create change from within her community.

Amy Fall is a motivational speaker working with young people and women and has been invited to speak at events in schools, not only in Senegal but also internationally. In addition, Fall has spoken at conferences across the world, including in the United States (at George Washington University) and France (at Sciences Po).

Congratulations Amy for your outstanding achievement!!

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