Introducing Abraão Vicente

Abraão Vicente is currently serving as the Minister of Culture and Creative Industries of his native Cape Verde. He is a sociologist, painter, and self-taught photographer with works that have been shown in exhibitions in several countries and acquired for private collections.

He was a journalist and columnist for the Cape Verdean newspaper A Nação, and he has created and presented programmes for both Cape Verdean and Portuguese television.

He was born on Cape Verde’s Santiago Island and studied Sociology in Portugal at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is the author of the novel O Trampolim, the books of poetry E de repente a noite and Amar 100 Medocartas improváveis & outras letras, the collection of chronicles Traços Rosa Choque and the prose poetry book 1980 Labirintos. He has also been included in the collection of short stories Dez Contos para ler Sentado and others.



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