Canada officially recognizes IDPAD, Sign the Petition

Prime Minister

Just recently the Prime minister of Canada signed into law that they officially will be observing the decade meant for people of African descent. Did you miss that news ? click here 

Why should you and I along with our governments sign this petition?

Please listen to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada explain, “What is the International Decade for People of African Descent (IDPAD)?” and why it’s important for ALL of us to join in solidarity to support.

IDPAD was declared by the United Nations, to be observed from 2015 to 2024, as a period for it’s member states, civil society and all other relevant actors to join together with people of African descent and take effective measures for the implementation of the programme of activities (UN Resolution 69/16) in the spirit of ¬†RECOGNITION . JUSTICE. DEVELOPMENT

In support of the decade, we calling on …
100 Million People Worldwide,
100,000 Institutions,
10,000 Corporations,
1,000 Most Influential,
100 Governments,
1 Queen (of England)
and YOU to help make the world a better place! Click here to sign the petition. Together we can create a world driven by Excellence. Yes we can.

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