At the time we started this journey, we knew that having influence as a person of African descent is meaningless until it is connected to support the protection of human rights and the dignity of our people.

Fast forward to 2020, many of our honorees are on the fore front of leveraging their influence to support the current global racial and gender equality movement.

Naomi Osaka (Class of 2019), Michael B. Jordan, Colin Kaepernick (Class of 2018), Lewis Hamilton, Beyoncé (Class of 2017) to name a few are some of our past honorees exemplifying what it means to be a true MIPADian.

Question is, are you a MIPADian?

To be MIPADian is to be excellence and of African descent or origins

There are over a billion people of African descent around the world and only one MIPAD organization.

We acknowledge our limitation to identify, within the UN International Decade for People of African Descent, all the people of African descent who fit the following descriptions…

1- Anyone, anywhere of influence who acknowledges him or herself as a person of African descent or origin (It is not about color)

2- Anyone, anywhere who uses that influence to stand up for protection of the human rights and civil liberties for people of African descent

3- Anyone, anywhere considered to be the first human of African origin to accomplish a great feat or achieve a high profile position or be the only one present

4- Anyone, anywhere whose track record shows they are an aggregator, A collaborator and A mobilizer with social consciousness to work towards the collective social good for people of African descent

5- Anyone, anywhere who uses their influence to amplify positive narratives about people of African descent

Therefore, we ask that you do not wait for an official recognition from the MIPAD organization to become a MIPADian.

Let your action proclaim you a MIPADian even before the organization officially recognizes you.

But if you insist on an official stamp of recognition by MIPAD, here is the official process

  1. Open Nominations by General Public and Alumni
    (Self Nomination Prohibited)
  2. Research Team & Social Media Team Validates track record of Nominees
  3. Global Selection Committee – Curate a Semi Finalists List
  4. Board of Trustees announce Finalists at Recognition Week

We trust now you understand why there are three types of MIPADians in the world

  1. MIPAD MIPADian (Official recognition by the organization) Premium Status with privilege access
  2. Honorary MIPADian (by virtue of birth, position, deed or action) i.e. Sen. Kamala Harris or Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor member of the British royal family as the son of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. A great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, he is seventh in the line of succession to the British throne.
  3. MIPADian by aspiration or affiliation for the masses to join the global movement to leverage their influence to stand up against gender and racial inequalities worldwide.

Being a MIPADian is a lifestyle of speaking up for a just and equitable world💯✅