Better Together

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Have you ever met a woman so passionate about Children Education, Poverty Alleviation and Youth Empowerment than the way Macdella Cooper does?

So Who is She you may ask?

She is a philanthropist and founder of the MacDella Cooper Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and women in Liberia. She was recently named as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent Class of 2017 in the just-concluded “Evening with the MIPAD Class of 2017 ” which held at the one UN Hotel New York City September 26th.  Click here to view our gallery. Click here to learn more about us.

On October 2016 she officially announced her intentions to become the Next Female President of Liberia where is grew up in all her life. This woman is so passionate about making her country greater than what it is today to another level where the world will see the good in it.

She is a woman on a mission to make sure every child is educated, to make sure every youth is empowered and to make sure every woman and most especially the general populace in Liberia are empowered to be better and do better.

No wonder she made our list because she stands out and on a mission to Make Liberia Better.

 A woman who believes that Together Great things are achieved, is a path that can never be wrong.  With her, Liberia is Better Together.

We salute her courage and We wish her well in the forthcoming election. To learn more about her foundation click here OR  To learn more about her campaign click here 

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