Dahlia A. Ducreay

Dahlia Ducreay is a bilingual Educational Economist by profession based in Beijing, China, and currently employed in China’s largest privately-owned educational development enterprise focusing on early human development, was recognized for her work in the humanitarian and educational sector.

Having left Dominica at the age of 18 in 2007, to pursue studies in China, Ducreay revealed that her love for education grew through her work with the Commonwealth Society of Beijing and other organizations such as Scholastic, Mulberry, Erikson Institute, UNESCO Chapters. This love later birthed her foundation, –The Ducreay Foundation– in 2018.

“At the foundation, we believe that for a people to grow and succeed we must continue to break the intergenerational issues and misconceptions we face as a world. An educated mind is an enlightened one. Through our educational workshops, forums and activities, we strive to bridge the gap between different peoples, genders, and backgrounds.”

The group is currently collaborating with REYCRAFT BOOKS publishing house for its 1st Annual Caribbean Literary Works Competition where the purpose is to provide an opportunity for Caribbean-based authors specializing in children’s books to successfully become an internationally published author.

Ducreay’s area of specialty is to analyze the role that educational economic development and policy have in alleviating poverty, advancing generational learning, and positively impacting economic and future development actions, especially in developing countries.

Congratulations Dahlia!!

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