Meet David Moinina Sengeh


David Moinina Sengeh is the Chief Innovation Officer for the Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Sierra Leone. He is a TED Senior Fellow.

In May 2018 Sengeh joined the Office of the President of Sierra Leone, working as chief innovation officer. He ensured that each child in the Pujehun District had access to a laptop. He spoke at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and was described as a trailblazer

Sengeh founded the NGO Global Minimum Inc, a program that supports the Innovate Salone entrepreneurship program in Sierra Leone, Kenya and Cape Town. He wanted to change ‘aid to Africa’ to ‘Made in Africa’.  The “A De Mek Am” Innovate Salone program supports teams from secondary schools to develop solutions to local problems. It was created in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab and MIT Public Service Center and modeled on the MIT innovation competitions. Sengeh supported the winning student projects to travel to the United States, where they spoke at Maker Faire. He supported Kelvin Doe, a thirteen-year-old inventor who had never left a ten-mile radius of his house in Sierra Leone, to join the MIT Visiting Practitioner’s Program. Sengeh became Kelvin Doe’s mentor. He returned to the TED stage in 2015, speaking to Kate Krontiris about innovation and inspiration. He has spoken at the NextEinstein Forum.

We are proud of what he has achieved and recognize him as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent Politics and Governance Category.



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