Elizabeth Ayom Lang

Elizabeth Ayom Lang is the Founder and CEO of Diversity Focus, a research and training consultancy specializing in workplace cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is also a speaker, author, and educator. She  has a solid background in training, tertiary education (as a teaching academic and researcher), human rights and social justice.

She founded the company in July 2017 and has consistently grown it into thriving company. Diversity Focus was led by a desire to contribute to changing the dominant narrative in the area of workplace diversity, equity and inclusion which her company achieves through the provision of training, research and executive coaching services.

Elizabeth (Ayom John Gum) Lang was born in Sudan where she lived until her family moved to Egypt when she was aged 6. She spent four years in Egypt before her family relocated to Australia in 1998 where she has lived since. Growing up in Australia, her father had a profound impact on who she would grow to become, and she attributes her passionate dedication for social justice and human rights to his example relayed through word and deed.

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