Emmanuel Ntaka…

Emmanuel Ntaka is a Musician whose career made a big leap at the age of 24.

He stopped being an amateur singer to become one of the most popular artists. Thanks to his participation in the reality show “PopStars ”, and his talent, he became part of “Mambru” and since then there has been a before and after in his musical career.

Starting in 2002, he shone on stage alongside Germán Tripel, Pablo Silberberg, Gerónimo Rauch and Milton Amadeo with classics like “ A Veces ”. However, three years later the successful band came to an end and nothing was the same. Since then each of the singers continued with their career and many of the fans lost knowledge of them.

“ Mambrú allowed me to grow a lot and learn, it was the most important thing. After finishing with the group I continued with my own, rather, I continued with what I left pending. My career began before Mambrú. I finished four years ago with the conservatory and leaned towards the production side. I became the architect of other proposals and accompanied artists to start their careers ”, she pointed out.

“ When the group ended in 2005 I started my solo career and my first album was called ‘No pares’ which came out in 2009. At the same time I started working in production. Each of those from Mambru took different paths after what was the abrupt end of the group , ”said Ntaka.

He made the musical comedy “Hair” and discovered a new world. “It was new for my career. He had a character that had to do with what I am, with anti-racist activism and carried the message of African Americans , “said the former member of  “Mambru”

He also has a group called Boehmi Afroflamenco in which they perform flamenco music with African. “ My father was South African and he accompanied me with those kinds of songs throughout my childhood. So we reformulated them ”, he indicated and also announced that he makes electronic and house music with another group called Amaqwati House Music.


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