Establishment of the Permanent Forum

Congratulations to all 10 members of the newly established Permanent Forum for People of African Descent.

The five members appointed by the General Assembly, on 16th December 2021, are:

  1. Epsy Campbell Barr (Costa Rica)
  2. Justin Hansford (USA)
  3. Martin Kimani (Kenya)
  4. Mona Omar (Egypt)
  5. June Soomer (Saint Lucia)

The Human Rights Council appointed the five forum members on 8th March,2022.They are:-

  1. Gaynel Diana Curry (Bahamas)
  2. Huang Hongjiang (China)
  3. Pastor Elías Murillo Martínez (Colombia)
  4. Michael McEchrane (Sweden)
  5. Alice Angèle Nkom (Cameroon)

The Forum, which became operational on 2 August 2021 through United Nations General Assembly resolution 75/314, serves as a platform to improving the safety and quality of life and livelihoods of people of African descent, as well as an advisory body to the Human Rights Council. Resolution 75/314 called for the President of the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly to each appoint five of the Permanent Forum’s ten members.

The ten-person forum is tasked with providing expert advice and recommendations to the Human Rights Council, the General Assembly and other United Nations’ bodies, aimed at addressing challenges resulting from racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance confronting people of African descent that impede their human rights.

The members, who serve in an independent capacity and will be guided by programme of activities for the implementation of the International Decade for People of African Descent, will also consider the elaboration of a United Nations declaration on the promotion, protection and full respect of the human rights of people of African descent.

Congratulations on your appointments as you serve us, the People of African Descent!!


Permanent Forum on People of African descent

President of the Human Rights Council appoints members of Permanent Forum on People of African Descent

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