He is Cedric Atangana

Cedric Atangana is the CEO & Co-founder ‘WeCashUp’

He studied computer science and lean manufacturing. He’s passionate about innovation in all the fields and  tears down walls, build bridges, cross mountains and puts fire to reach his goals.

In his words,” I’m not afraid to start from scratch and I DO BELIEVE that positive thinkers like me, see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible. I like high level challenges and my main words are: Design, Creativity and Disruptive Innovation.”

He launched WeCashUp.com to unify the African Market digitally by providing the Largest Pan-African Payment Gateway. In everything he does, he believes in challenging the impossible; making the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE in an UNSTOPPABLE way.

He does this by choosing the most complex problems in the world and solving them with the best, easy-to-use and beautiful products.

We are proud of you Cedric, Congratulations!!

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