He is Oliver Laouchez

Olivier Laouchez is the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of TRACE TV. He is a  serial entrepreneur from Martinique (Caribbean island) with more than 25-year experience in the entertainment industry.

In 2003, Laouchez got funding from Goldman Sachs to acquire the Trace brand and eponym print magazine and relaunch them as an audio-visual media platform dedicated to urban music and entertainment.

TRACE is the first global media platform that leverages afro-urban entertainment to connect &
empower the new generation and the creators. It is present in 160+ countries and engages with 300 Million users, leveraging the power and the creativity of Hip Hop, Urban, African, Brazilian and Caribbean culture.

With in-house development, production, financing, media, digital, distribution and branding
capabilities, combined with the subversive spirit of independent creators, TRACE collaborates
with both emerging and established talents to generate premium afro-urban content and
leading digital platforms
 for a potential captive audience of 400M super fans in its 7 priority
markets: Africa, France, UK, USA/Canada, Brazil, Caribbean and Indian Ocean.

Bravo Olivier!!

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