He is William Chilila

William Chilila is a Masterchef, whose Zambian-born. The Professionals semi-finalist, he spent a decade honing his skills at Orrery, the legendary Conran restaurant in London.

In 2020, he went on to head up the kitchen at West African fine dining restaurant Akoko. He is now working on new projects to fully realise his passion of bringing the cuisine of his homeland to a wider audience.

Celebrating his unique Zambian, South African, Ghanaian and British heritage, Will’s menus are a joyous extension of his infectious personality: playful, gregarious and instantly likeable.

Big on flavour and at times exhilaratingly spiced, dishes like ‘Calabash | Wild Rice | Spiced Oil’, ‘Scallop | Cauliflower | Hibiscus’ and ‘Lamb | Suya | Rosemary Jus’ are rooted in tradition, while the precision and elegance of it all speaks of Will’s classical training (his background includes The Orrery, Galvin at Windows and The Langham, as well as his recent tenure as head chef of Akoko in Fitzrovia, a fine dining restaurant showcasing West African cuisine on the world stage).

Will has a number of new projects on the go, including West African-inspired burger brand Chale, as well as taking part in our new supper series ‘Made You Look’, with photographer Julian George on July 23rd.


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