Introducing Monali Shah

Kenyan-born Top Marketing Communications Executive Monali Shah, has over 19 years of experience in FMCG, Telecommunications, Banking, and the Entertainment industry. She has brilliantly distinguished herself in the industry with stellar achievements to show.

She currently leads Integrated Marketing Communications for Coca-Cola in Africa across the brand portfolio of the company. She has led her team in the most well-known campaigns for the Coca-Cola company in Africa – Coke Studio Africa, Billion Reasons to Believe, Share a Coke, Copa Coca-Cola, FIFA World Cup, global Taste the Feeling campaign to name a few. 

In retrospect she says and I quote, “I’ve had quite a non-linear career journey, built through varied experiences in different industries, roles, geographies. I started my journey as a DJ in the night and a salesperson at a CD store in the day. There’s no substitute for working hard. Even the smartest people in the world work very hard.”

We recognize her outstanding achievements, and name her as the Most Influential People of African Descent, Media & Culture, Class of 2020.


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