Jatali Bellanton

Jatali Bellanton is the founder of the youth financial literacy organisation Kids Who Bank.

After 13 years in the finance worlds of corporate UK and America helping clients make and retain millions she is now mainly recognized for being an award winning author, investor and her two major creations: a finance curriculum which has gone into 137 schools nationwide and an annual Kidpreneur Awards honouring enterprising youth and the adults who are creating ladders for them.

In March 2015, Jatali Bellanton gave birth to her first child which little did she know would lead her to creating a youth financial literacy initiative by the name of Kids Who Bank. In her search for financial literacy books for her son she mainly came across dictionary formatted books which would lead to her desire to not just write a story formatted finance book for youths but to also create a finance curriculum to simplify it all thus starting her journey of becoming an entrepreneur…

After 9 years in investment banking and 4 years in forensic accounting, Jatali Bellanton would decide to leave the corporate worlds of the UK/USA in order to share her minor in child psychology and years of experience in the financial industry to help the young / ambitious gain the business knowledge needed to build a successful career out of doing what they love most.

 Among her business accomplishments,  Jatali has:

  • restructured and managed accounting departments towards multi-million-dollar profits while growing clientele and lowering costs.
  • She has helped companies survive the global shift towards online business by implementing new software programs to replace outdated forms of communication.
  • As a financial consultant for a medical practice, she was able to increase profit margins by 42% in just one year.

Jatali Bellanton draws her influence in business and life from a range of renowned philosophers, revolutionaries, authors and, business moguls. She notes Nelson Mandela, Confucius, Sun Tzu, W.E.B. DuBois, and Angela Bassett as people who have inspired her along the way.

In Kids Who Bank, Jatali Bellanton strives to equally inspire young children to continue following their dreams without any disadvantages obstructing the view of their futures and careers. She is passionate about combining her business expertise with her desire to give all children a fair chance to succeed in life.

In the last two years, Jatali Bellanton via her non-profit has donated over 6,000 backpacks filled with school supplies and her own books to youth worldwide to help foster education.

She is committed to incorporating financial and business education into all school curricula.

Also notable, She has also just completed a “Kidpreneur Awards Gala on April 29th, 2018 recognizing the entrepreneurial  and philanthropic pursuits of bright minds across the nation.

Congratulations on your achievements Jatali!!

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