Let’s make Africa Great Again

It is our duty as individuals most especially Africans to make sure there that the Great Continent called AFRICA is never again seen as a Poverty-Stricken place or  SHITHOLE. It is important that in our little bidding we jointly put our hands together through Technology or Finance or even Ideas to make sure Africa is showcased properly. So here is what we think we can do and as an organization, we need people who can partner with us to continue this mission in good faith. Here’s what our CEO thinks ;

Here is my believe, fate brought us together for a time like this! We are blessed to be custodians of an idea (MIPAD) that’s becoming a movement to make the world a better place starting first with Africa by proliferating the spirit of EXCELLENCE in all countries and people of African descent worldwide.

With the current situation created by misguided accusations and racist remarks of the current US President, it presents a unique opportunity to counter the narrative and raise above the negative comments as Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go HIGH.”

Leveraging our assets
MIPAD – www.mostinfluential.org
AfriPRO – www.afripro.org
NiPRO – www.niproevents.com
NEA – www.neaawards.org

We are rolling out a series of events, media engagements and social media campaigns to engage and empower Countries & People of African Descent Worldwide … CALLING ON YOU TO SUPPORT & JOIN US!

Social media hashtags we are encouraging to showcase the good in Africa and it’s Diaspora

– Support African governments to deliver courageous leadership and engage nations with large populations of people of African descent by invoking the UN Resolutions 69/16 and demand their national plans to combat racism
– To empower citizenry inside Africa and across Diaspora to vote and inspire righteous governance by holding their elected government officials accountable. For example. We, the people, need the government in Nigeria / Jamaica to …
#Stop__ what is bad that should be stopped?
#Start__ what can make life better that should be started
#Continue__ what is good that should be continued?

– Host “Town Hall Meetings” across the Diaspora aimed at showcasing the best of Africa in the US and across the Diaspora and outline tangibles ways to leverage our collective efforts to make Africa a desirable brand to ALL.

– Media engagements to discuss MIPAD vision, mission and our global list recognizing the contributions of people of African Descent to the world in support of the 1st pillar of the UN International Decade for People of African Descent 2015 – 2024

Class of 2017 – CALLING ON YOU TO SUPPORT & JOIN US, am available 24/7 via phone +1 (917) 256-9940 or email kamil@mipad.org

Together let us make Africa Great Again…

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