Let’s meet Aja Brown…

Aja Brown is an American politician who is the former Mayor of Compton, California. Through her experience as an urban development professional, she has specialized in economic development, brownfield reuse, redevelopment project management and smart growth urban design and community marketing.

She has successfully developed policies to facilitate growth, protect community assets and developed community empowerment boards and business-to-business collaboratives. She’s experienced in community marketing and rebranding and have facilitated great success regionally and nationally.

During her prior capacity with the Compton Redevelopment Agency, she managed various community redevelopment projects and programs, oversaw the rebranding and marketing of the “Agency@Compton” and developed various policies and community liaison groups to enhance the Agency’s revitalization goals. She assisted in various capacities to improve the Standard & Poor credit rating, integral in procuring a $100 Million Tax Allocation Bond indenture to assist with the implementation of approximately 35 redevelopment projects within the City of Compton. In addition, she oversaw and defined work of several staff members.

Congratulations Aja!!We recognize you among the Most Influential People of African Descent.


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