Let’s meet Edu Lyra

Eduardo Lyra is the Founder and CEO of Instituto Gerando Falcões, a non-profit social organization dedicated to the social promotion of children and adolescents through sport and culture. The group also works in the professional training of young people and adults for the market. Eduardo’s main objective is for the initiative to have an impact throughout the country.

Gerando Falcões was created based on a scheme formed by  Eduardo Lyra  in which existing models in the private initiative are repeated. The objective is to professionalize the actions so that the impact is greater. With this in mind, Lyra looks for big companies and presents the project as a good place to invest money.

Edu was born and raised in a community in the city of Guarulhos. The experiences he went through during the period, added to the influence of his mother, made his objective to be linked to social institutions. He entered the journalism school, but did not finish.

In 2013, he created the Instituto Gerando Falcões . Social project that attracted investment from entrepreneurs such as Jorge Paulo Lemann, Carlos Wizard, Flavio Augusto da Silva , among others.

With less than a decade of existence, Eduardo’s project has placed him as one of the most influential people in the third sector.

Bravo!!Congratulations on your achievements!!

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