Let’s meet TY Bello

TY Bello is one of Nigeria’s most recognized artists.

She came to public attention in the early 2000’s as a member of the music group Kush. She has also built a reputation as one of Nigeria’s foremost photographers and is a member of the talented photography collective Depth of Field.

Her evocative portraits never fail to rouse strong emotions and have made her one of the most applauded and keenly sought after portrait photographers in the country. Indeed she has the unique distinction of having photographed three sitting Nigerian Presidents.

TY deploys the same creative gift to produce engaging yet timeless music. She launched her successful debut solo album Greenland in 2005. It’s title track–Greenland and Ekundayo became instant hits and are now widely accepted household favorites.

The Future–her Nigerian jubilee tribute, was released on the eve of the April 2011 general elections. It became the awakening song for Nigerians as they steered the fate of the nation with their votes.

TY’s songs and her photography–which has been exhibited in Nigeria and around the world- have earned awards both at home and abroad.


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