Luciana Barreto…

Luciana Barreto is CNN Brasil’s first black anchor whose been a presenter with decades of experience in television news. Apart from being a journalist, she is a human rights activist, and speaker.

Luciana Barreto has worked on Futura, GNT, BandNews, TV Bandeirantes, TVE do Rio de Janeiro and TV Brasil. She graduated from Puc-Rio, and began her career at the age of 23 as a reporter and presenter.

She won the National Journalism Award Abdias Nascimento, in 2012, for the program “Caminhos da Reportagem – Negros no Brasil: brilliance and invisibility”. She was named one of the Inspiring Women of 2015 by Think Olga. 

In 2018, she received the “Sim a Egualdade Racial” award in the “On the Agenda” category, for her work in the media against racism. In the same year, Luciana was elected Tourism Ambassador of Rio de Janeiro for giving visibility to the state through activism in favor of respect for diversity.

Also in 2018, she began her film career by writing the pre-script and interviews for the documentary feature “A Última Abolição”, by Globo Filmes. Luciana is also a master in ethnic-racial relations. 

Her life story is admirable and moves everyone. The speaker is a black woman, from the periphery, who built her career in journalism with great determination and always fights for social agendas.

We proudly name you among the Most Influential People of African Descent!!


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