The Man who speaks and the World listens


The advocate behind the campaign #Nottooyoungtorun is an example of what today’s youth should aspire to be. The vibrant personality has been an advocate at the tender age of 14 years old where he was made the first deputy senate president of Children’s Parliament for Nigeria.

He didn’t just stop there, At the age of 15, he started attending meetings of the United Nations (UN) and also took his first trip to Europe under the Global Peace Walk. A year later, he travelled to London with the British Council as a speaker for Connecting Future’s Programme and also spoke at a UN General Assembly Special Session on Children.

Due to his excellence and his vibrant attitude to make Africa great again, he has been won numerous International Awards like  the British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Award, PEWA (Person Earnestly Working for Africa) Award, GAB Award, Icon Awards, Icon of Hope Award, Young Achievers Award,Most Influential People of African Descent(Class of 2017) and many more. He is also a 3-time Finalist for various categories of The Future Nigeria Award – including the Young Person of the Year Award.

By now, you are wondering who is this person? He is none other than Dayo Isreal. To learn more about him visit his website here

Do you know anybody like him, who stands out and advocates for the betterment of the African Continent? Then nominate here now

Together we can build a World driven by Excellence. Yes We Can.

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