Meet Africa’s Youngest and Successful Business Mogul: Ashish Thakkar

A man who built his business from a $5,000 loan from his parents to pursue a dream he wasn’t even sure will see the light of day. But look at it now his investment in Real estate, e-commerce and Agriculture has made him one of the wealthiest and youngest billionaires in business.

Did you know he made his first profit as a 15 years old kid who sold his laptop that was gifted to him and made $100 profit?

He is a true definition of a dreamer and a true believer of the future. Nobody is too small or too old to dream. Dream,Believe and Act. In an interview with forbes, he said this about Africa and what potential Africa has as a Continent. See excerpt below

My biggest driver is to see Africa prosper and compete aggressively on a global scale. I am very passionate about this and firmly believe that the Indian Tiger and the Chinese Dragon have had their days and it is now time for the African Lion! Mara Group proudly wears the logo of the African Lion to symbolize Africa’s coming of age and we champion this cause in any way we can.

Preach Thakkar, Preach. We at MIPAD strongly believe in the future of Africa you see as well. Africa is ready to take the lead now.

Do you have an idea but have no plan of how it will kick off? Then the man to talk to is Mr. Ashish who runs an entrepreneurial program through one of his venture Mara Foundation.  Have you nominated your Icon of Excellence yet?  Then nominate here

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