Meet Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi

Bayo (Olubayo) is a transformational leader with a strong passion to add value to the next generation and build a sustainable platform for shared value creation.

He is an award-winning expert in Strategy, Marketing and Analytics and combines 17 years of cognate industry experience from two largest economies in Africa (Nigeria and South Africa).

He is strategically involved in the Nigerian tech ecosystem, combining his tripartite expertise as an innovation/ transformation executive in a multinational, doctoral research experience and being a hands-on Data Scientist.

Bayo is the convener of Data Science Nigeria, a non-profit that is equipping young Nigerians to build world-class capacity in Machine learning, Big data and Artificial Intelligence for sustainable socio-economic development. Bayo is also leading PhD4Innovation Hub, where he is mentoring PhD students to turn their academic research into innovative start-up/social enterprise aligned to millennial developmental goals, with interest in solving local problems in health, education, agriculture and financial inclusion.

The platform also promotes #MentorAfricanDataScientists programme where local students are mentored by international data scientists.

Data Science Nigeria has organised all-expense-paid free bootcamps, industry summits, online free courses and direct job placement.

He has also done an extensive research on how sharing economy/platform-based businesses (sharepreneurship) can accelerate Africa’s growth. This is captured in his book, “The Future is Shared”

We are proud of his achievement and exploit. We recognize him as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent, Business and Entrepreneurship category Class of 2018.

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