Meet Brigette Hyacinth

Brigette Hyacinth is the No. 1 Leadership and Management Expert in the Caribbean. She has authored 4 books and published widely distributed articles and texts on the topic. She is the founder of MBA Caribbean Organisation, an organization specialized in seminars and workshops in leadership, management and education. Brigette provides consultancy and training services to many prominent companies both in the private and government sector. Her expertise lies in holistic leadership; leadership which is for the benefit of the leader, followers and society. She currently has over 600K followers on LinkedIn and is sought out by executives all over the globe for her leadership insights.

Brigette is also a Director of HAIT&T Foundation, whose main focus is the rebuilding of the La Madeleine Orphanage which was destroyed in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Additionally, she is involved in numerous charitable activities. An internationally acclaimed leadership guru and keynote speaker, Brigette firmly believes that in the midst of all our accomplishments, we should always find ways to give back to the society/community.

We are proud of her achievement and exploit. We recognize her as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent, Business and Entrepreneurship category Class of 2018.


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