Meet Kwame Bekoe

Kwame Bekoe is an Aviator at heart with a demonstrated track record in Aviation and Aerospace. Over his career, Kwame has received recognition by clenching the 40 under 40 leader award for Aviation in Ghana, together with citations for delivering talks across Universities and acknowledgment from the Royal Aeronautical Engineering Society for his contribution to the industry.

An inspirational leader, he is determined to make an impact and contribute to the evolution of the sector with a heart for technology, which has the potential to promote transformative and socio-economic development.

Having established a broad technical and commercial background in Aviation across Europe, Middle East, and Africa, his career evolved from engineering, where he led high-profile projects including redesigning Tier-1 structural parts on aircraft. He subsequently developed commercial expertise and competencies to support the marketing and sales of aircraft and business service solutions.

With extensive leadership, management & executive experience over a 15-year career in Aviation, Kwame has comprehensive product knowledge of commercial fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. He makes a point to keep updated and current in a rapidly evolving industry and market, filled with new applications of disruptive technology, product developments, mergers/acquisitions all susceptible to global micro and macro-economic fundamentals.

An avid reader, traveler, and explorer, his adventures have taken him mountain climbing from the Atlas to the Kilimanjaro, scuba diving, cycling cross country among others. His entrepreneurial and philanthropic ventures have established businesses and in so doing empowered leaders and created employment opportunities for individuals directly and indirectly in Agriculture, Transportation, Food production, and processing. A fighter of Malaria eradication and child protection, he partners’ with orphanages and numerous organizations to make a positive change to lives across developing regions.

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