Meet Larry Goodin

Larry Goodin is a 5th Year Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University where he specializes in Multi-Cultural Perspectives, Global Issues, 21st Century Leadership, Sustainable Development Goals and Preparation for Professional Life. He is an Educational Consultant with the New York City Department of Education who is passionate about capacity building, equitable practices in education and family engagement.

He has been coined as a thought leader and global visionary who utilizes project based learning, innovation, emotional intelligence assessments and the study of multiculturalism to help close the achievement gaps in education as a whole. An avid researcher interested in the disadvantages of public education, analyzing learning styles, implicit bias, equity, inclusion and global youth development.

Some of his noteworthy accomplishments include:

► Spearheaded the 2018 TED Ed Club with Natchez Early College at Colin; mentored and coached 9 High School Seniors around public speaking, building confidence and overcoming their fears of reflection.

► Spearheaded the 2019 TED Ed Club at Public School 399 Stanley Eugene Elementary School in Brooklyn, NY; successfully mentored and coached 17 resilient 5th graders beyond their fears of public speaking and how to frame their ideas into a powerful message worth sharing.

► 2017-19 New York City DOE District 17 Superintendent Micheal Prayor’s Exchange Fellow: Keynote Message “I Am Who I Am”

► 2018 he co-facilitated a youth outreach seminar with over 200 juveniles incarcerated in the Kamiti Max Security Prison in Nairobi, Kenya.

► 2018 selected by his Alma Mater, Alcorn State University and awarded the distinguished 50 Leading Alcornites Awards.

► Received an honorary Citation from the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office for his family engagement initiatives, school turnaround efforts and youth outreach in District 17.

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