Meet Lloyd Randall

Lloyd Randall was born in Sierra Leone and is based in Beijing, China. He is a TV presenter, actor, and documentary maker. His journey in China has brought him a wide variety of experiences, but not without facing obstacles along the way.

“When I first got here I couldn’t speak a word of Chinese, I’d say we were like the harbingers, the first wave of Africans and black people to come to China in large numbers. So obviously it was a different thing with language, culture. I pretty much came to China as an adolescent and I became a man in China. So technically, I grew up in China.”

“When I got here, there were few black people. I had some negative experiences because of being a black man and an African in China. Sometimes the job would prefer a white person over me. That was very difficult. My mentality in life is: I always have very good Chinese friends. If I went onto the subway and someone didn’t want to sit next to me, I would remember I have 4 to 5 Chinese friends who, if I have a problem, can call them and suddenly they will be right there to give me a helping hand. So I always try to balance things with equilibrium, for every negative experience I think about the good things I have.”

Lloyd earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Beijing. Since 2016, he’s been working at StarTimes, a Chinese media company that broadcasts on TV channels in Africa.

Lloyd was one of the lead anchors for the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia. In 2019, he traveled to Germany and hosted a documentary on the 30th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. And away from his day job, he was cast as a stunt double for former world heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson in the movie “China Salesman”

Indeed,he has beat all odds and we congratulate him for his remarkable achievements!!

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