Meet Mallely Florian

Born in the Dominican Republic, Mallely Florian is a passionate Business Development Consultant living in Canada that helps foreign companies expand their business in the African continent. Miss Florian is currently representing three Canadian and two African companies and promoting new innovative products in foreign markets.

Back in 2015 she stumbled upon an article about the blooming of the African economy and it strengthened her curiosity to discover a little bit more about her cultural background. Arriving in Africa for the first time in 2016, she not only discovered the similarities with the Dominican culture but she had a better understanding of where she came from. Falling in love with Africa, she decided to share all the business possibilities available in the various countries she visited and put her knowledge and skills to facilitate future links of cooperation with the Dominican Republic.

Her dynamic approach brought her to meet many political delegations and to be invited to several summits and conferences. She was invited to the African Union Summit for four consecutive sessions and is working closely with the Pan-African Parliament to reinforce the involvement of the Diaspora in the AU activities via regular communication and flow of information.

Been the mother of a teenage girl who not always felt comfortable with her darker skin tone, Mallely made it her mission to raise awareness of this issue via conferences to eliminate racism among the next generation of Afro-Latin Americans young kids. Her ambition for the years to come is not only to eliminate the false image we have of Africa but to also attract the Diaspora back to the beautiful and prosperous Motherland.


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