Meet Marc Alain Boucicault

Marc Alain (MAB) is an ecosystem builder. He is the founder of Banj, the first and biggest entrepreneurship hub of Port-au-Prince. He brought Facebook and Google to Haiti to work with developers and to support entrepreneurship in a nation still seen as a destination mostly for humanitarian work.

Born, raised and college educated in Port-au-Prince, he worked 7 years in international development in Washington, DC and in Port-au-Prince at the World Bank and with the Inter-American Development Bank before he decided to create his own businesses.

He is also co-founder of Groupe ECHO Haiti, a grassroots organization valorizing the potential of young adults in development in Haiti through which he created and lead several innovative projects including ELAN Haiti, the biggest international platform that brings together a community of students, young leaders and entrepreneurs from Haiti, its diaspora and the world focused on taking joint actions in Haiti.

Marc Alain (MAB)  is responsible for partnerships at the Haiti Tech Summit: The biggest international tech event in the history of the country.

He also co-founded and serves as chief external relations officer at HFund, a closed-ended micro-venture capital firm based in Haiti offering new modern and tailored financial instruments that bring capital to innovative businesses and contribute to the emergence of a new category of entrepreneurs in Haiti. Marc Alain is a Fulbright scholar.

He holds an M.A in Financial Economic Policy from American University and a B.A in Applied Quantitative Economics from CTPEA. He teaches economics in 12th grade at Collège les Oliviers. It is just one of his many ways to give back to his country while strengthening the ecosystem from an early stage. He believes that entrepreneurship is the only way out of poverty for Haiti and, through his various initiatives; he is offering all those willing to go in that direction a seat at the table.

We are proud of his achievement and exploit. We recognize him as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent, Business and Entrepreneurship category Class of 2018.

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