Meet Morag Mwenya Mapoma Neill-Johnson

An international body, Morag Mwenya Mapoma Neill-Johnson was born in South Africa, grew up in Botswana and citizen of both Zambia and the United Kingdom. With a life’s mission to address the various forms of inequality across Africa.

Morag completed her Masters degree in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University, where she focused on sexual violence in African refugee settings. Alongside her work with women’s rights.

Morag has also participated with various other causes mainly advocacy for the refugee crisis in partnership with UNHCR Botswana; the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Uganda, child trafficking in the United States, as well as access to water and basic infrastructure to support education and health efforts in rural areas across eight African countries.

Morag currently leads the programming for an international organization in Zambia and South Africa.

In addition to her humanitarian work, and in partnership with her husband Terrance Neill-Johnson, the couple are in a commitment to reconciliation and healing. Focusing on communities that may not have access to the necessary resources to process trauma and/or gain the tools to elevate their lives, Morag and Terrance lead workshops and facilitate opportunities to experience growth and empowerment.

The Neill-Johnson’s were recently awarded the 2018 Pillar of Vision by Momentum Education.

She’s currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

We are proud of her achievement and we name her Most Influential 100 Class of 2018 Humanitarian and Religious category.

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