Meet Nichole O. Yembra


Nichole is the Chief Financial, Risk and Investment Officer for Venture Garden Group (VGG) and a Managing Partner at GreenHouse Capital (GHC), the investment arm of VGG. GreenHouse Capital, which launched formally in April 2016, began investments in startups since 2014 under the VGG umbrella. When Nichole joined the VGG and GHC team in December 2015, she guided the formal legal structure of the fund and led the investment into 8 new ventures in 2016, raising the group to the 14 companies it has today.

Nichole is not only driving the financial progress of Venture Garden Group, she is also actively engaged in serving as the local partner for foreign investors eager to transform African technology startups. Through GreenHouse Capital, she takes on fintech-enabled portfolio companies looking to transform the education, renewable energy, big data, and fintech ecosystems. The portfolio companies’ products have connected over 3,000 students to tutors, revolutionized off-grid solar solutions and increased banking services of Nigeria’s nearly 84.6 million unbanked population. Each of these companies has seen at least 2X growth since participating under the GH structure.

In addition to this work, Nichole is deeply committed to making gender diversity a priority within the financial-technology ‘fintech’ space in Nigeria and enhancing opportunities for women in leadership. She currently co-chairs and sponsors the Garden Women’s Network, a group dedicated to the development and retention of high-performing women in the VGG ecosystem.

We are proud of her achievement and we name her Most Influential 100 Class of 2018 Business and Entrepreneurship category.

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