Meet Pele Voncujovi

Pele Voncujovi  is the Co-Founder Jaspora, African Diaspora in Japan. He was born in Japan to Ghanaian father and a Japanese mother. His family moved to Ghana when he was nine months old and lived there for most of his childhood.When he was sixteen, he went to the United World College in Costa Rica for the last two years of high school.

He comes from a family of African traditional healers and is a Bokor, one who has been initiated into Fa (Ifa) – the West African geomantic system of divination.Together with his brother Sena Voncujovi,they founded ReVodution: Voodoo Education to educate the world about African spiritual traditions and co-founded Jaspora to build a community for the African diaspora in Japan. 

“I got into photography when I was at UWC.  Because I grew up in Ghana my entire life, I didn’t think it was anything cool or special.  When I came back, one of my main jobs was to photograph and film for the documentary.  I started filming different parts of Ghana–Voodoo talismans, things in the shrine–and I started to appreciate the beauty of what they have to offer… Photography just opened my mind to appreciate more what we have here in Ghana.  At some point, I was just like, ‘Ghana is so beautiful.’”
–Pele Voncujovi ‘15
The “ReVodution” documentary premiered in 2015, and today it has grown into a movement to digitally preserve and demystify Voodoo through observation, expert accounts, and close-up views of the traditional practices, as well as to consider their traditions within the context of contemporary globalized culture.
Pele and Sena have lectured at 14 universities worldwide to over 1,500 people, filmed six more short films, produced more than 240 hours of educational video content on Youtube and Facebook, and continued to educate Voodoo through blogs and publications.
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