Meet Sahar Albazar

Sahar Albazar is an Egyptian MP and the Deputy Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee at the Egyptian House of Representatives. She is also the President of the forum of young Parliamentarians representing more than 170 countries. Sahar is an MPA holder from Harvard University. Before that, she was an Impact Assessment Consultant at the World Bank for Youth Employment Project in Egypt.

She was a Social Investment Advisor at British Petroleum Egypt. She is also the founder of Helwa Ya Balady, an NGO that focuses on developing “slum” areas and countering poverty in developing countries. Her NGO tackled a wide range of projects in Egypt, Somalia, Kenya, Syria, and Libya. Her twelve-year experience in the development field culminated in leading an ongoing effort to establish a labor union for the informal sector in Egypt.

We are proud of what she has achieved and recognize her as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent  Politics and Governance Category!!

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