Meet Silas Adekunle…

Silas Adekunle, a Nigerian-British robotics technology entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor, holds the reins as the CEO of Reach Industries, where he steers the company’s vision, direction, and day-to-day operations.

With a keen focus on stakeholder management, early customer engagement, and business development, Silas plays a pivotal role in driving the company forward.

Drawing from the glowing reviews of the Shott Scale-up Accelerator by program alumni, Silas sees immense value in the vibrant community of peers, mentors, and industry leaders it offers.

He believes that this supportive ecosystem will be instrumental in honing crucial aspects of his business plan for the next 24 months, including people and culture, good governance, customer acquisition, and accessing new markets.

The timing of the Shott Scale-up Accelerator aligns perfectly with Reach Industries’ growth phase, marking a pivotal moment for fundraising and customer development. Having successfully deployed its minimum viable product to an enthusiastic early customer base, the company is now poised for scalability.

With ambitions to expand into Europe and the US following its establishment in the UK market, Reach Industries is poised for significant growth and impact under Silas’ leadership.


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