Meet Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus is a Nigerian born entertainer who lives in the USA. She is most notable for her work as a multi-award winning actor, but is also a Singer, Dancer, Radio & TV Host, Acting Coach, Event Host, Mentor, Writer, Vlogger, Blogger, Producer, Businesswoman, and Humanitarian.

With over two decades of experience in theĀ  Entertainment Industry, she has since been considered to be one of the most popular film actors from Africa.

Aside from her prowess in the entertainment industry, Stella also founded The Stella Damasus Foundation, which she set up in order to train aspiring actors for free; and she also runs a mentoring programming for women and young girls called ADIVA.

Due to her love for the continent of Africa, Stella created An African Girl Abroad, a Web TV Talk show that highlights the experiences and life of Africans living abroad; as well as a podcast called Excuse My African that educates people about the African Culture, History and Lifestyle through the eyes of a misrepresented African.

We are proud of her achievement and we name her Most Influential 100 Class of 2018 Media and Culture category.


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