MIPAD Announces the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Recipients

New York City, August 18th, 2023 – MIPAD is proud to unveil the esteemed Most Influential 100 Lifetime Achievement Recipients 2023, individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to society.

In the spirit of recognition, we bestow the prestigious lifetime achievement salute upon outstanding achievers in three categories: Recognition, Justice, and Development. The recipients of the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Awards are: Dr. Tedros A. Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO (Switzerland/Ethiopia), Robert F. Smith, Chairman and CEO, Vista Equity (USA) Nicole Brown, President, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment (USA) and Richelieu Dennis, Founder, Executive Chair Sundial Group of Companies (USA/Liberia).

The award and recognition ceremony will take place on Sunday, October 1st, 2023, at 1 United Nations Plaza.

Most Influential 100 Recognition Week 2023 will kick off following the opening of the 78th UN General Assembly, taking place in New York City, USA, from September 29th to October 2nd, 2023. During this weekend-long celebration, we will also honor the Global Top 100 Under 40 and the Global Top 100 in the Healthcare edition. More information can be found at www.mipad.org/classof2023.

The theme for the year 2023 is “Attaining Equity for People of African Descent Worldwide,” inspiring the week’s activities. Kamil Olufowobi, Chief Executive Officer of MIPAD, stated, “the four days will be packed full of global conversations, meaningful networking experiences, and human connections.

Activities include panel sessions, leadership training workshops, a recognition & awards ceremony, a tour of the United Nations Headquarters, and a film screening of the movie The Woman King at the UN HQ.”

He further emphasized that this global gathering aims to discuss common threads, best practices, and areas of collaboration towards the equitable economic prosperity of people of African Descent worldwide.

We invite you to join us in paying tribute to exceptional personalities and high achievers of African descent from around the world, honoring their significant contributions to humanity.

Registration for the events is NOW OPEN at events.mipad.org, and we eagerly await your presence among global changemakers and distinguished guests to commemorate these outstanding individuals of African descent for their positive contributions to humanity.

About MIPAD:

MIPAD is a trailblazing platform that recognizes the achievements and contributions of people of African descent globally, fostering a sense of pride and unity within the community. Through annual recognition events and various initiatives, MIPAD seeks to amplify the voices and impact of African diaspora leaders, inspiring positive change on a global scale.

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