MIPAD Hosts Recognition & Awards Ceremony, Unveils 2020 Global List

The Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) Recognition and Awards ceremony recorded massive success on Sunday, Oct 5th as outstanding personalities and high achievers across the globe were acknowledged and their contributions towards African advancement in these unprecedented times applauded.

This year’s edition commenced with the MIPAD 2020 week which featured leadership workshops, personal training and led to the official unveiling of the global list of 100 nominees and honorees in Politics & Governance, Business & Entrepreneurship, Media & Culture and Humanitarian endeavors.

The award follows an intensive survey and a comprehensive assessment of individuals at the highest positions in the largest, most influential and iconic institutions in the world.

With the theme of this Global Reckoning edition tagged “Representation Matters” the overarching objective of highlighting the urgency for awareness and balance on a worldwide scale was achieved via insightful conversations and interactions that bordered on racial and gender inequality.

“I believe that taking this conversation to a global level gives us a better chance to effectively tackle systemic racism which is a global virus that has entered deep into heart of humanity after over 400 years of spreading the false narrative about the superiority of one race over others”, said founder and CEO of MIPAD, Kamil Olufowobi.

“One vital ingredient for the vaccine to cure the virus of racism is global dialogue between people of African descent because one of our biggest problems is isolation”, he noted.

“The first step in solving this isolation is building this global MIPAD community and honorees having these conversations about our collective future”, Kamil Olufowobi added.

Speaking at the recognition week, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights- Michelle Bachelet expressed that “the organization of this recognition directly falls under one of the three things of the International decade for people of African descent, recognition, justice and development. As we approach the mid-term of the international decade for people African descent, we will need to do more to build up on our achievements so far, collating more awareness for social impact led by a global network of influencers such as yourself is much needed.

The global anti-racism protests this year has made it clear that communities must be able to stand up against racism and racial discrimination, participate in shaping decisions that affects them and be able to air their views” she added.

One of the participants, Robinson Lynn stated that “the MIPAD community is a support system that is phenomenal and my participation is one of the great honor’s of my life”.

The ceremony had in attendance prominent individuals including Prime Ministers, high achievers, top tier executives, participants alongside guest speakers; Johnita P. Due, Senior Vice President & Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, CNN, and Dr. Randall Pinkett- Author Black Faces in White Spaces.

Congratulations to the class of 2020 honorees for their positive contributions and service towards the development and enriching of various systems and global society.

Visit www.mipad.org to see the full list.

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