MIPAD open “The Door of Return” FREETOWN, a Business and Cultural Heritage Tourism Travel package in partnership with Destination Africa and Office of First Lady, Sierra Leone


Happy to announce MIPAD in collaboration with the First Lady of Sierra (Valedictorian Class of 2018) commemorates the 400th anniversary of transatlantic slavery with the Door of Return: Freetown.

Theme: Freedom. What does freedom mean to you? Mind, Body, Soul, Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually because there is no better place to speak about freedom than in the Province of Freedom; Freetown, Sierra Leone.

So what does Door of Return mean? According to sources on Wikipedia;  It is an emblem of African Renaissance and is a pan-African initiative that seeks to launch a new era of cooperation between Africa and the Diaspora in the 21st Century. Check out  what our CEO Mr. Kamil Olufowobi has to say about the Door of Return in an article on CNN here

How do we come in?

2019 is a crucial year for Africa – Diaspora Relations – it marks 400 years of the first enslaved African arriving the US, the government of Ghana declares 2019 Year of Return, it is also the 25th Anniversary of UNESCO Slave Route Project. This year, We at MIPAD have chosen to open the door of return for the Diaspora to visit and come plant roots in Africa during the independence day celebrations of African countries impacted the most by the legacy of slavery.

Our standard format for Door of Return activities include:

  1. Attendance of Independence Day Celebration
  2. Tree Planting (for Diaspora to leave roots in Africa)
  3. Welcome Back & Naming Ceremony by Traditional Chiefs & Local Community
  4. Healing Yoga and Meditation
  5. Visit Orphanages, Notable Slavery Tourist Attractions & much more!

Learn more about these packages here. Check out the beauty of Sierra Leone here. and watch the Mother of Nation in the person of H.E Fatima Bio speak here  See the schedule here 

Let’s return to our roots together.

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