Navalayo Osembo

Navalayo Osembo is the CEO of Enda, a running footwear and apparel brand and production company that is building on and contributing to Kenya’s reputation as the global leader in distance running.

She describes herself as having a curious mind, being a loyal friend and having a deep love for reading and seeking knowledge.  Back in 2015, she had an idea to create locally made running shoes but actual production started in 2017.

Enda brings together world-class shoe designers, developers and Kenyan athletes to create performance running shoes that capture the skills and experience of Kenyan athletes. Navalayo is also a cohort of the Creative DNA, a program under the British Council’s East African Arts. This programme supports young and upcoming entrepreneurs financially, helping them develop skills, knowledge and networks in Kenya as well as in the UK.

In her words, ‘My inspiration comes from questioning why Kenya, with all her renowned reputation in running, does not make running shoes. It is about us as Kenyans moving from a mindset of consumption and being recipients of small tokens to being the manufacturers or the big players in an industry valued over $4 billion.’ – Navalayo

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