Samuel .M. Samuels

Samuel M.Samuels is the Director of Ethnic Groups, Municipality of Panama City.

He is also certified in cultural and developmental areas, certification obtained from (UTP) through sponsorship of the Ibero American Organization States for Education, Sciences and Cultures (OEI) and the National Institute of Culture of Panama (INAC) he obtained other lauds, as well as, a topical diploma at the end of the Second Course in Public Policy with a focus on the development of human social inclusion of people of African descent.


In 2011, he was selected for a scholarship on inter-American systems for the protection of human rights at the American University Washington College of Law (AU-WCL) and another from the Bernard and Audre Rapport Center for Human Rights and Justice School of Law of the University of Texas.


Since 2001, he has been a lay member of the Methodist Church for the Caribbean and the Americas serving on the Board of Directors for the American Council of Churches (CLAI) where he has represented the Afro descendant. Since 2000, he has been a member of the Coordinating Panamanian National Black Organizations, where the strategy has been to develop a national plan for inclusion of all African and Afro political descendants on a platform of unity. The platform sponsored a candidates’ selection in 2004.


Samuel has participated in another platform, the Santiago+5. As Panama’s representative in Chile, at this forum he approached the critical and sensitive subjects of Racism and Discrimination. He talked with ambassadors from the United Nations, other international and human rights organizations and world leaders from different venues.


Currently, he has projects with the National Coordinator of the Black Panamanian and the National Commission against Discrimination or Ombudsman. Other memberships include the National Council of Black Ethnicity where he worked on coordinating the Panamanian Campaign “Proudly of African Descent” which purposed to help self-identify individuals of Afro-Panamanian ancestry and report status during the census of May, 2010.



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