Sarah Abdel-Mohsen Elsayed

Sarah Abdel-Mohsen Elsayed is a Communication officer at the AUC with the Department of Social Affairs to support the migration unite in collaboration with the IOM regional office in Addis Ababa. To develop a communication strategy, social media campaigns, and digital content.


Prior to this position, Sarah worked as a Communication Consultant where she developed a communication strategy for a program called interfaith dialogue on violant extremism (iDove), created Twitter account for the project @_idove_ with developing a social media campaign for this project.

She represented the directorate in several meetings regarding communication issues and attended the workshop that AU held, about the new brand identity for the African Union and its organs and get to know how to create good communication strategies. She developed and designed digital posters for the social media campaigns, organized youth forums amongst many other duties.


She also volunteered at the Africa Union and her role was to prepare the communication plan for the chairperson, doing daily news journal, which was monitoring media and analysis of how the media is treating AU chairperson’s movements, official meetings, and resolutions.

Congratulations on the achievements!!


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