Meet Serge Nawej

Serge Nawej is a business lawyer by profession and a strategist very knowledgeable about high-value complex projects and transactions. He is involved in many major projects in Africa and most especially in the DRC, some of which received international coverage.

Serge was also Involved in the successful Business Development of a well-known international law firm in Africa. He is considered as one of the most influential and efficient lawyers by the top local banks & Companies in the DRC but not only. He is recognized locally but also outside of the DRC or Belgian borders (where he grew up and still registered as an attorney) and has been recently referred or mentioned in prestigious or highly read medias such as the Financial Times.

He advised over USD 2.5B transactions and sits on boards of several companies most notably IT and mining related. He leads the completion of large mining projects involving the indigenous and innovating approach that may reshape the mining sector in the DRC and beyond.

Serge is also a director with the Federation of Congolese companies (FEC) and President of the National Commission of Young Entrepreneurs within the same organization.

We are proud of his achievement and we name him Most Influential 100 Class of 2018 Business and Entrepreneurship category.

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