She is Fade Ogunro

Fade Ogunro is the CEO & Founder of Bookings Africa. She is an ambitious and visionary techpreneur, and has dedicated her professional life to the pursuit of equality, opportunity, and prosperity across Africa.

In her fifteen-year career, she has been a vital part of several entrepreneurial and philanthropic organizations while maintaining a prolific voice in international media.

Currently, she is focused on promoting Bookings Africa, an on demand digital marketplace that seeks to make critically important improvements to working conditions across the continent.

Fadé launched her career in 2011 as co-founder of Film Factory Productions, which created media content for Microsoft, Coca-Cola, MTV, and several other globally recognized brands. In addition to amassing over 1.5 billion views and winning several awards, these projects gave Fadé an in-depth knowledge of how business was being developed in Africa.

Inspired by the depth of talent she was introduced to, Fadé shifted her focus to the rapidly emerging gig economy. With over 85,000 active users, Bookings Africa has already helped several individuals and families earn a sustainable income.

Additionally, over 60% of those users are women. Helping women embrace this much needed opportunity for economic empowerment has been a point of personal pride for Fadé, who has been a steadfast advocate for women’s rights for years.

It is this advocacy for women’s rights that led Fadé to partner up with The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and become the first female African to be appointed to the Foundation’s Global Campaign Board.

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women helps release the potential of women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries, and close the global gender gap in entrepreneurship. Since the Foundation’s inception in 2008, it has directly supported over 175,000 women across more than 100 countries.

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