Statement from MIPAD on the situation in Ukraine

1st March 2022: In every global crisis, we (our people and our continent) always get the short end of the stick. Kamil Olufowobi, CEO of MIPAD, Most Influential People of African Descent stated.

This can clearly be seen in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine Crisis. Black and brown workers, students, entrepreneurs, scientists, and families are being denied entry to EU countries surrounding the Ukraine. They are experiencing violence and threats to be shot, at the hands of border patrol units. And some are being returned to the border after receiving asylum.

We are condemning the war and asking all people of African Descent and Governments to rally together because in times like this, racism is heightened.

CALL TO ACTION: The fact is that they only see a black person, they don’t care what country they are from. We hereby call on the United Nations, African Union, African & Caribbean Governments to coordinate JOINT EFFORTS for the evacuation efforts for all people of African descent to their respective countries.

We at MIPAD resolved to re-double our efforts towards elevating global Black narratives and uplifting our people & continent at every opportunity it gets. This is one of the take-outs from its global team retreat, held in Accra, Ghana from Friday, 4-6 February, 2022.

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