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Dorcas Ndegwa

He is Sena Voncujovi

Sena Voncujovi is the Founder of ReVodution & Jaspora (Japan Africa Diaspora), Afro-Asian Pan-African, Herbalist, Afa (Ifa) Diviner, PKU Afro-Sinologist who was was born in Japan and raised in Ghana. He comes from a family of African traditional healers and is a Bokor, one who has been initiated into Fa (Ifa) – the West African …

Dorcas Ndegwa

He is Mateus Antonio

Mateus Antonio Esteita is a Writer, Mentor and a Chemical Technology Engineer at Ufa State Petroleum Technology University with Master degree in Health, Safety and Environment for Oil and Gas Industry with GPA 5/5. He was elected FOREIGN STUDENT OF THE YEAR in 2017 in the Republic of Bashkiria from the Minister of Education of …