He is Mateus Antonio

Mateus Antonio Esteita is a Writer, Mentor and a Chemical Technology Engineer at Ufa State Petroleum Technology University with Master degree in Health, Safety and Environment for Oil and Gas Industry with GPA 5/5.

He was elected FOREIGN STUDENT OF THE YEAR in 2017 in the Republic of Bashkiria from the Minister of Education of Russia Federation. Mateus is  Forbes Angola, scientific and papers writer collaborator for oil and gas industries, downstream expertise. He  was a chemical laboratory assistant and hydro-treating technician in production of polymer and refinery processes.

He is experienced as QHSE Specialist in oil and gas industry, with good knowledge of national and international QHSE standards, procedure, policy and 5S application. He finds Engineering particularly interesting due to its challenging nature, plus its global importance to the energy industry.

Mateus Antonio is passionate in helping the younger generation of Africans turn ideas of innovation and entrepreneurship into projects.


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