He is Sena Voncujovi

Sena Voncujovi is the Founder of ReVodution & Jaspora (Japan Africa Diaspora), Afro-Asian Pan-African, Herbalist, Afa (Ifa) Diviner, PKU Afro-Sinologist who was was born in Japan and raised in Ghana. He comes from a family of African traditional healers and is a Bokor, one who has been initiated into Fa (Ifa) – the West African geomantic system of divination.

As a Davis United World College Scholar, he graduated from Middlebury College in the USA, with a bachelors degree in international politics, economics, and African Studies. He founded ReVodution: Voodoo Education to educate the world about African spiritual traditions and co-founded Jaspora to build a community for the African diaspora in Japan. He’s currently a Yenching Scholar at Yenching Academy of Peking University.


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