Tiffany Callender

Tiffany Callender is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE) and Executive Director of the Cote des Neiges Black Community Association, one of the oldest Black Community organizations in Quebec.

Her latest projects have been; Strategic advisory on the recent repossession of the oldest Black landmark- after AfricVille – in Canada’s history. She helped engineer the 1st ever digital platform collecting race-based data in the history of Canada and supported by McGill University, led a pan-Canadian strategic advisory committee that raised the biggest amount of public funds for Black Canadians in the history of the country to support Black entrepreneurs.

She was the key advisor on the development of the strongest AI-Powered digital tool for sourcing public funds & employment for the benefit of Black Canadians (BETA soon to be released) and the founder of an EduTech company that aims to support parents with preschool and primary school students from language minority communities succeed in the French school system.

We are proud of you!!

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